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Something about myself

Eddy Boerman Photography

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I have been involved in photography since ’81. My interest is in various subjects. Including urbex, sports, street, black_white, architecture and commissioned reports.

Photographing street photography is my specialty.

Member of the NVJ since 2017 and in possession of a press card.

Faithful reproduction, color fidelity and sharpness of the image play an important role in this form of photography. I try to do as little as possible in the editing.
Many of the objects and works of art to be photographed are unique, fragile and sometimes very expensive, and each object has its specific photographic problems. Involvement with the object and the wishes of the customer are central. I pay special attention to the digital delivery, so that the photo is as close as possible to the original in the final printed matter.

Do you have any interesting news for the site? Have you seen something happen or have you been there? or is it otherwise worth taking a photo on the spot? Let me know. It is important for me to know what, where and when you have seen something?

For questions and / or suggestions, please feel free to contact me using the above information.